Liturgy is not entertaining: that’s just the point!

This article is an interesting look at liturgy and comments on how much the church is dominated by the entertainment culture in which it is immersed. Time for more liturgy?| Difficulty: Easy | Subjects: Worship | Reading time: 5 min … Continue reading

Where have all the leaders gone?

Along with many other people, I’ve been complaining for a while now that Australia’s leaders seem to be doing a lot of following the polls but lacking in the ability to lead. At the NYT Thomas Friedman says it’s a … Continue reading

The third Palestinian intifada is inevitable

The International Crisis Group (started by ex Australian Foreign Affairs minister Gareth Evans) analyses potential conflict zones around the world and advises on how to avoid conflict. This very informative article says, sadly, that a third Palestinian uprising seems inevitable … Continue reading

What’s a black hole?

This article at The Conversation explains black holes for the layperson. Thinking of the cosmological variety, not those around the house into which socks seem to disappear.| Difficulty: Medium | Subjects: Science | Reading time: 5 min | … Continue reading