Why (new) atheists are wrong about science and religion

This interview at Eureka Street Online talks about the differences between science and religion and why there is no fundamental conflict between the two. This flies in the face of the agenda of the so-called New Atheists, which says that … Continue reading

Australia: the lucky country

How fortunate Australians are (economically speaking). This article challenges those who dare to complain of the Aus. economy and gives some background to the global financial crisis and the ups and downs of the last few years. If you don’t read … Continue reading

Market morality: an oxymoron?

At ABC Religion and Ethics Report, prominent Australian economist Ian Harper briefly and clearly discusses the fraught relationship between markets and morality. He’s a Christian who says the markets are amoral but have potential for great harm when used for … Continue reading

De Botton’s vacuous religion

An excerpt from a review of Alain de Botton’s Religion for Atheists: Despite its striking description of the symptoms of the modern malaise, Religion for Atheists fails to address the cause of the disease. De Botton tries to re-pot the … Continue reading

The next head of the Anglican Confusion?

The frontrunner to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury is a Ugandan refugee to England with a missing front tooth. And if he doesn’t suit the electors, perhaps Bishop Justin Welby will. He’s an ex-oil executive and fairly forthright in … Continue reading

The problem with Buddhism

Sometimes I’m attracted to Buddhist calmness and tranquility in the face of life’s turmoils; I think that Christians could be more relaxed at times! But the core of Buddhist ideas is antithetical to Christianity. Here’s a slightly philosophical article that … Continue reading

s k a n d a l o n ?

σκάνδαλον: Of course!

SETI needs God

SETI is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and an interesting issue for Christians: what would the implications of finding life ‘out there’ be? (CS Lewis wasn’t concerned.) This article suggests that without God (well… ‘intelligent design’ anyway) the SETI … Continue reading

Blind faith in Hawk Eye

I reckon MASH is one of the best TV programs ever made. If you don’t know it, get it from a local video store and watch a few episodes. Hawk Eye is one of the stars. But that’s not what … Continue reading

Identical? Not!

This twin study highlights how even genetically identical twins are born different to one another. The significance is that it challenges any sort of deterministic argument that says “X is defined by your genes.” Replace X with ‘sexual identity’, ‘religiosity’ … Continue reading

More on the ‘God particle’

Neil Ormerod from the ACU writes on the ABC Religion and Ethics website about the history of the Higgs (boson) and what the relevance of the recent confirmation of the ‘God particle’ is for those who believe in God. He … Continue reading

Frying God’s planet

George Monbiot is a significant journalistic voice on big issues. If you think about climate change and the environment—after all, it is God’s creation, so why not?—this piece talks about the idea of ‘peak oil’, the time when oil production … Continue reading

Athanasius, Arius and Christian belief

Here’s a talk by John Piper about the fourth century Egyptian bishop Athanasius who was exiled and returned five times. It is largely due to him that we still know and believe that Jesus is truly and fully God. Athanasius … Continue reading

Does evolution contradict atheism?

Alvin Plantinga, the renowned Christian philosopher, is famous for his ‘Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism’, which in short says that if evolution is true then we can’t trust that our thinking leads to truth. Which means of course we can’t trust … Continue reading

The earth was never flat!

This 9 page article’s title describes its content: ‘The War that Never Was: Exploding the Myth of the Historical Conflict Between Christianity and Science’. Or you can watch the 3min YouTube version. In short: no educated person in the history … Continue reading