CS Lewis on science

The Magician’s Twin is a new book examining CS Lewis’s extensive but lesser known views on science. As usual, he was way ahead of his time. Here’s a short summary of the book by the author. |Difficulty: Easy |Tag: Understanding … Continue reading

DSM 5 and Breivik’s sanity

What’s normal? Without a clear understanding of what human beings are meant to be and what their purpose is, it’s very hard to work out the meaning of ‘normal’. Just think of the recent court finding that Anders Behring Breivik … Continue reading

Our neurotic fear of suffering

When avoiding suffering becomes our highest aim, is it any surprise that we start to think about eliminating sufferers? This article ponders the oddity that those who historically suffer least are most fearful of it. And some of the implications. … Continue reading

Shopping for God

The commodification of religion is the topic of an excerpt from The Post-Secular in Question, a book on religion in contemporary society. It’s here at The Immanent Frame. Here’s a taste: “Religious lifestyles get modeled on consumer lifestyles in which … Continue reading

The Philosopher and the Conservative

From Maverick Philosopher by Bill Vallicella: “One cannot be a philosopher without believing in the power of reason.  But one cannot be a conservative without doubting its power to order our affairs and ameliorate our condition. Equally, one cannot be … Continue reading

Habermas, the Pope and the post-secular society

If the name Habermas means anything to you or the idea of a post-secular society piques your interest, try this excerpt from a book, The Post-Secular in Question: Religion in Contemporary Society posted at The Immanent Frame. |Difficulty: Medium |Tag: … Continue reading

The Double ‘L’

The Maverick Philosopher is an insightful, philosophical and often humorous maverick. Here he pontificates on the pros and cons of single and double ‘l’s. I quote in full: “Marvellous, travelling, tranquillity.  Not that the single ‘l’ is wrong.  It could … Continue reading

The Neo-Bourgois project and the dictatorship of relativism

AT First Things the editor comments on (US) neo-bourgois elites (NY mayor Bloomberg is the example) pressing their utilitarian and therapeutic culture. This moral diffidence is governed by political correctness: E.g. “The top 20% may have a diffident and plastic … Continue reading

Why woman are losing at sex

This article talks of the changes in the last decades that have led to women being the big ‘losers’  in the sexual marketplace. | Difficulty: Easy| Tag: Sexuality| Time: 4 min | … Continue reading

Is cognitive science neurotrash? Yes says Tallis

Raymond Tallis is one prominent critic of what he sees as overblown claims and hopes arising from the burst of cognitive science (or is that scientism?) that has come in the wake of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). See Neurotrash. … Continue reading

Verbatim: The implications of evolutionary naturalism

“The time has come to take seriously the fact that we humans are modified monkeys, not the favored Creation of a Benevolent God on the Sixth Day. In particular, we must recognize our biological past in trying to understand our … Continue reading

The interpretive key to Batman

Are the batman movies pre-Christian? Joe Carter thinks so in this philosophical analysis of the films. | Difficulty: Medium | Subjects: Culture | Reading time: 8 min | … Continue reading