What’s good for the world?

We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption that … Continue reading

Faitheist! An insult if ever there was one

Chris Stedman is an ex-Christian now atheist who is not happy with the toxic atheist movement. He’s written a book about how, even as an atheist, he feels more at home with the religious. It’s called Faitheist: How an Atheist … Continue reading

Cultural differences obfuscate the fusion of cognitive horizons

What? Exactly! This series of short reflections on Muslim-Christian conversation highlights how two distinct cultures can have such different understandings of what the aim of conversation and public demonstrations (think of the recent anti-film protests) is about. Marching for Allah … Continue reading

Big money, big lies

I heard a chilling story from Radio Netherlands in the car today: the inside story from an ex-high flyer in London’s City. He talks about the investment and banking culture that led to the GFC…and continues still. 5 minutes of … Continue reading

The state of the world—from an intelligence perspective

STRATFOR is an ‘independent’ intelligence organisation (that’s CIA type of intelligence) which publishes reports on politics, terrorism, wars etc. All from a distinctly US perspective. I don’t subscribe but I read their free emails! This report is a short history … Continue reading

Lest we forget

For readers downunder—from yesterday’s Australian: “The median wealth of Australians continues to be the highest in the world… Australia’s median wealth per adult of $190,982 is the highest in the world, well ahead of Switzerland and Norway…” Methinks privilege brings … Continue reading

Delusions of spiritual grandeur

A warning from a self-confessed, arrogant, controlling, Christian pastor about the dangers of pride. Excerpts: “I wasn’t consciously proud…I felt that I had arrived… I thought of myself as a grace graduate…I often looked at the people I was ministering … Continue reading

Reasons to believe and Pascal’s wager

This post by Maverick Philosopher is a brief answer to the would-be-believer who lacks religious sensibilities. What would you say to someone who said, ‘I wish I could believe but I just can’t’? |Difficulty: Medium |Tag: Faith | Time: 5 … Continue reading

Adultesence: Should kids rule the roost?

If you’re a parent, this is for you. If you’re a kid, this is for you. If you’re an adult, this is for you. It’s a provocative challenge to ruling PC parenting paradigms and the scars they leave us with. … Continue reading

The end of men…and the end of women?

Are gender distinctions being redefined out of existence? Does it matter? This article summarises and comments on a much-read 2010 essay ‘The End of Men’ by Hanna Rosin that documents and celebrates the decline of gender distinctions. This issue is … Continue reading