FYI—Aussies throw out $5 billion of food each year

Is that food for thought or not? While 17,000 children die every day of hunger related causes Aussies throw out on average 1kg of food per day per person. Just a thought. And here’s a very short, very witty ABC … Continue reading

Eritrea: another brutal regime that’s mostly off the radar

Elizabeth Kendal is a Melbourne journalist and expert in religious persecution. This week her blog post is on Eritrea. Here’s the summary: “Eritrea has one of the most brutal dictatorships worldwide and the repression has created a refugee crisis. Since … Continue reading

Royal Commissions don’t deal with the human condition

Perhaps it’s the Royal Commission that we had to have. Perhaps, and I hope so, it will provide some measure of healing to the thousands of people abused as children. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says, “We must do everything we … Continue reading

Ex-oil executive to be new Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby is newish to the cloth after a shortish career in the oil industry. Apparently he’s now about to become the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the notional leader of the world’s 70m Anglicans. Here’s a Guardian story on his … Continue reading

Nature, nurture and naked attraction

Why is it that the sexuality debates are so polarised that we can’t acknowledge the apparently obvious fact that the strength and direction of our sexual interests is driven by both nature and nurture? Surely our genetic makeup, as well … Continue reading

What is a human being?

Edward Feser is a serious philosopher in the classical theist tradition. Have a go at this if you want to exercise the grey matter on the question of what it means to be a human being. Worth pondering. |Difficulty: Hard … Continue reading