I’m sure there’s a word for it, starting with…

Have you ever wanted a word that started with ‘gr’ (or whatever) but couldn’t think of one? (I did this week…) Here’s the answer: SIL’s English word list is a simple text file, an alphabetical list of words. 110,000 of … Continue reading

Atheist philosopher gets canned for canning naturalism

Thomas Nagel is a very famous, very atheist philosopher. And Nagel is copping a lot of flak for his latest book. The title explains why: Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. Here’s … Continue reading

Bloody boat people

See here … Continue reading

Postmodern postmortem

Postmodernism is a case of epistemic despair leading to ontological suicide; a case of failing to accept that there’s more to knowing than knowing will ever know.

Is violence a strength or a weakness of Islam?

Mark Durie is an expert on Islam and an Anglican pastor in Melbourne. This post on Mark’s blog highlights how some Islamic authorities see violence—especially the responsibility to kill the person who leaves the Islamic faith—as essential to Islam. In … Continue reading

Much ado about nothing

If you missed last night’s ABC QANDA then you didn’t miss much. But there are some little gems I suggest you watch. At the QANDA site you can watch selected parts of the program using the sidebar on the right. … Continue reading

Absence of mind

The Christian faith calls believers to love God with all their minds. Current trends in science and culture tell us we have no minds (in any meaningful traditional sense of the word). Marilynne Robinson is an acclaimed novelist. (Have you … Continue reading

For the philosophically inclined

You don’t have to be a philosopher to get the gist of this short blog post but you do have to work hard for a few minutes. It’s about the relationship between reality (what is—aka ontology) and how we know … Continue reading

Would you like a robot with that, sir?

A friend writes about this robot restaurant: “Heidegger was right. The metaphysical fate of the west, as it gets chewed up by a soulless combination of American-style consumerism and oriental ant-like hyperbusy thoughtless techno-capitalism… You just know that the customers … Continue reading

June 2012, North Rush and East Pearson, Chicago, the world

The thin, broken, coloured woman sits on the street corner steps, bony knees up to her chest. It’s hot this afternoon but she has her hoody half obscuring her face. She’s not begging—just hoping. On the other corner the man … Continue reading