Defending the faith Lewis-style: ‘Look at it this way!’

This ABC article by Alister McGrath outlines the genius of CS Lewis’s arguments for the Christian faith. Not so much rational argument as ‘why don’t you look at it this way?’ Worth a read for all Christians who want to … Continue reading

Natural theology?

This book review by Graham Oppy at Monash University is probably only for the seriously philosophically inclined (don’t let that stop you!) But it does contain a nice definition of naturalism and the questions that arise for philosophers of religion. … Continue reading

OUT NOW! DSM-5: Science or pseudoscience?

The latest version of the bible of mental disorders came out this week after more than a decade of writing (and vicious professional squabbling). It’s the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It’s the guide … Continue reading

More on that book that’s getting people all stirred up

Yes, more on Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos. And if you haven’t heard about it the subtitle tells the provocative story: Why the materialist neo-Darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly false. Just the sort of thing a theist of … Continue reading

Philosophy (and comedy) of science

This one’s not serious but it’s fun. Thanks to Meg for putting me onto this 5 minutes of Friends where Phoebe and Ross argue about evolution. There’s some philosophy of science buried in there: issues of certainty, theories, evidence etc. … Continue reading

Abortion impotence

Why is it that a society can be so deeply deeply contradictory with respect to so-called human rights as to deny the outrageous holocaust of abortion? I feel so impotent about the thousands of lives taken in the war on … Continue reading

Singing to the same tune? Can Christians and Peter Singer get on?

Here’s a report by Denise Cooper-Clarke on a recent Melbourne University discussion with the famous/infamous Peter Singer about Christian ethics. Some surprising things came out of the very cordial conversation. |Difficulty: Easyish |Tag: Morality | Time: 6 min | … Continue reading

Disease, distress or demons? Mental illness, conditioning and the demonic

This one’s for those who know what DSM stands for or who want a little historical perspective on mental illness. Jon Garvey, medico, wide reader, Christian and out-of-the-box thinker reflects on mental illness after a lifetime of experience and changing … Continue reading

The curse of the web

Pornography must be the curse of the internet. I won’t sermonise nor quote the frightening statistics. But this article talks about pornography and the brain and helps explain addiction (and by implication how not to get addicted). But the lessons … Continue reading

Grumbling about Grayling

AC Grayling is a philosopher, very popular with New Atheists and hair stylists. Here’s a longish not-very-friendly review of his book The God Argument. |Difficulty: Easyish |Tag: Atheism | Time: 15 min | … Continue reading

New Atheism RIP?

The so called New Atheism has always seemed more like a tantrum than a mature discussion, a screaming match rather than a reasoned argument. This article suggests the tantrum is over and atheism is moving on. While the article is … Continue reading

Science and Faith

I just came across this clear discussion of the science/theology relationship at ABC Religion and Ethics recently. Read and enjoy. |Difficulty: Medium |Tag: Science & Fatih | Time: 12 min | … Continue reading