Spectemur Agendo Kevin and Tony

My school’s motto all those years back was Spectemur Agendo: ‘let us be judged by our acts.’ As a Christian I’ve held out hopes for Kevin Rudd, the man who loves Bonhoeffer and seems to profess faith. But no matter … Continue reading

Feeding the flock and fostering the fringe

I remember a visiting evangelist once giving his recipe for healthy churches and outreach: ‘feed the flock and foster the fringe’, he said. This article, ‘Addicted to community’ talks of one women’s desire to be part of a Christian community … Continue reading

Mind reading or brain imaging?

There’s hype at both ends of the spectrum about what exactly neuroscience can give us. We can now scan active brains and see where more or less activity occurs when people think about A or B or, yes, S too. … Continue reading

The heretic

I have just read an excellent and lucid article that is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to understand our times. Wherever you are on the belief/non-belief spectrum it’s for you. IMHO there are three worldviews competing in the … Continue reading

The minefield of good intentions

As ex-missionaries we often ask (and asked) the hard questions about whether western ‘help’ for non-western countries was just a form of patronising power play which made us westerners feel better but was not necessarily the best way of respecting … Continue reading

An interesting take on young converts to atheism

This article from The Atlantic has some surprising findings about young people who ‘convert’ to atheism. To quote the penultimate paragraph: “These students were, above all else, idealists who longed for authenticity, and having failed to find it in their … Continue reading

“To do the right deed for the wrong reason…

…is the greatest treason,” said TS Eliot. Here at the NYT are some interesting comments on the idea of devoting your life to money-making in order to be able to do good. It’s the enigma of raw utilitarianism of the … Continue reading

Same sex upbringings and political correctness

As I’ve said before (to try and avoid the inevitable cries of ‘homophobia’ and ‘hate speech’) we have gay friends who are caring, loving, doting mothers. But one case does not make an argument and the debate over children’s welfare … Continue reading

You mean religion is good for us?

Simon Smart from the Centre for Public Christianity in Sydney writes here at the ABC about Rodney Stark’s new book America’s Blessings – How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists The book is a counter to the tale full of sound … Continue reading

When is an embryo not a human being?

This book review offers some thoughts on why an embryo deserves to be protected from conception and not treated as just so much biological matter. Quote: “Consider this thought experiment. Imagine a strange and exotic virus ravages a human’s nervous … Continue reading

Verbatim: On the origin of life

Despite considerable investigation and theorising, the origin of life remains an enigma to those committed to a natural explanation. Some quotations (not from religious people or sources): “[I]t has to be true that we really don’t have a clue how … Continue reading

Living, working, dying

What do you live for? What do you work for? What would you die for? This short post ponders the strange idea that something is worth doing only if one gets paid for it. Sometimes I think the state of … Continue reading