Objective moral truth and killing ‘for the fun of it’

One of the difficulties of doing away with religion is the problem of the foundations of morality. One way of responding to the problem is to say that there are no ultimate foundations beyond what individual people or cultures think … Continue reading

Life on earth…but which earth?

In the last 20 years, from the time the first planet was found outside the solar system, we have discovered thousands more ‘earths’ in our Milky Way galaxy. (Not to mention the hundreds of billions of other galaxies.) This article … Continue reading

The heavens declare the glory of God

Look back in time 13.2 billion years. This is the XDF: a 23 day exposure photo into the depths of time and space. And below is a photo taken last week as the Cassini space probe looks back towards Earth … Continue reading

The evils of thin: the truth about size zero

Kirstie Clements used to edit Vogue Australia. Here she talks about the cult of thinness and confesses to her own complicitness. … Continue reading

Global health and wealth

Have you seen Hans Rosling’s 4min summary of global health and wealth in 200 countries over the last 200 years? It’s here and it’s worth watching for various reasons including being a lesson in good teaching! … Continue reading

The new God squad hits the world stage

“Evangelicals take charge in the Vatican and Lambeth” is not quite how Protestant evangelicals understand the word ‘evangelical’, but read on nevertheless. The new leaders of the Anglican and Roman Catholic flocks have much in common and look set to … Continue reading

Have you heard the one about…

There’s a common atheist line that goes “Christians reject thousands of gods except one, atheists just reject one more god.” John Dickson replies to it with a short and sweet comeback here at ABC Religion and Ethics. … Continue reading

The growing reach of evangelical philosophy

“Frankly, I find it hard to understand how people today can risk parenthood without having studied apologetics. We’ve got to train our kids for war.” Says one slightly over-enthusiastic apologist! I confess that is a statement I do not agree … Continue reading

Voting for the common good

The Australian Catholic Bishops have published a document calling on Catholics “to look beyond their own individual needs to apply a different test at the ballot box – the test of what we call the common good.” Although it’s specifically … Continue reading

Hegelian wisdom

The great (they say) and hard to understand (I don’t) and not gifted with good looks (IMHO) philosopher Hegel said, “It is a celebrated saying that a half philosophy leads away from God, while a true philosophy leads to God.” … Continue reading