Why you should deactivate Facebook

I don’t have time to write about the intangible aspects of the way social media changes our thinking about the world and relationships. IMHO it’s deep like a slow-acting invisible virus, not obvious like an embarrassing photo or lost job … Continue reading

Verbatim: Pope Paul VI, Populorum Progressio (1967)

“Private property does not constitute for anyone an absolute and unconditional right. No one is justified in keeping for his exclusive use what he does not need, when others lack necessities.” And on the same subject, Pope John Paul II … Continue reading

Atheist gripes about atheists

This short piece by an atheist complains of the new breed of atheist that finds his/her identity bound up with not-believing rather than in positive (but non-theist) belief. Quote: “Today’s atheism-as-identity is really about absolving oneself of the tough task … Continue reading

Listening to the ‘boat people’

Rethink Refugees is a site worth visiting before opinionating about boat people and asylum seekers. Watch Farida’s 2 minute story. Now say a prayer for all those fleeing intolerable situations to face the challenge of making a new life elsewhere. … Continue reading

How embarrassing…

“Australia has been found guilty of almost 150 violations of international law over the indefinite detention of 46 refugees in one of the most damning assessments of human rights in this country by a United Nations committee.” More here. … Continue reading

The sad state of Egypt—and the Christians in the sandwich

  47 Egyptian churches destroyed in a day, while the world’s eyes are distracted. See here. And also see this short but in-depth description of the history and the forces at work in what is a spiritual as well as … Continue reading

Three theories of ethics

In increasing order of subtlety and truth: Utilitarianism is based on asking what humans want. Duty ethics is based on asking what humans owe. Virtue ethics is based on asking what humans are. Or not? … Continue reading

Verbatim: Lawrence Krauss on the depths of philosophy and theology

Lawrence Krauss is a physicist and a big name on the New Atheist public speaking circuit. He’s the author of A Universe from Nothing. Last week he was interviewed in Melbourne for The Melbourne Anglican, forthcoming edition. Here’s a quote: … Continue reading

Sinning at the movies

“GK Chesterton pointed out, ‘sin’ is one theological doctrine for which we have empirical evidence.” And this article looks sin through the eyes of two movies (including one of my all time favorites Crimes and Misdemeanours). … Continue reading

Verbatim: Lewis on plausibility structures

 “It is your senses and your imagination that are going to attack belief. Here, as in the New Testament, the conflict is not between faith and reason but between faith and sight … Our faith in Christ wavers not so … Continue reading

Saving belief?

For those concerned about right belief (‘ortho-doxy’) this brief blog post has some interesting discussion and quotations about the question of how much doctrine one can deny/distort/not know and still be saved. Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, James Packer and John … Continue reading

Be awed by the scale of the universe

This site opens your eyes to the very small and the very large. Interestingly, human beings are right about the middle of the scale of the universe. It’s here. … Continue reading

Dehumanising asylum seekers

  This article probes a little more deeply into what is going on in a rich affluent nation (that’s us!) that fears asylum seekers. … Continue reading

Genetic Adam and Eve: populating the earth about 200,000 years ago?

The discussion about Adam and Eve provokes heated debate. Whatever you think, there’s no harm (and lots of good) in being aware of the direction scientific discussion is going. This article suggests that genetic Adam and Eve roamed the earth … Continue reading

Evolution and human uniqueness

This video is of Simon Conway Morris talking on science and faith, evolution and humans evolving from fish. He’s a Christian, world-renowned evolutionary paleontologist and has an interesting hypothesis called convergent evolution. … Continue reading