Science and ‘belief’

On Lateline this month (see here) Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb talked about the changes to climate change issues under the new government. At the end of the interview he compared science with ‘belief’ apparently thinking that science does not … Continue reading

Interview with Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss interviewed in Melbourne by Chris Mulherin on August 16, 2013 just prior to his third Australian ‘conversation’ with William Lane Craig. An interview with Craig can be found here.   TRANSCRIPT What do you think is at stake … Continue reading

Interview with William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig interviewed in Melbourne by Chris Mulherin on August 16, 2013 just prior to his third Australian ‘conversation’ with Lawrence Krauss. An interview with Krauss can be found here.   TRANSCRIPT What do you think is at stake … Continue reading

Science is as science does

Here are links to two articles that challenge the received view of science which dominates current thinking. IMHO both articles overstate the case but are worth reading because the received view is so powerful and because of its power it … Continue reading

In the jungle the big cats prowl…

…but they do so on their own terms. They will be seen when they want to be seen and most of the time they are invisible. So it is with God, says Richard Shumack in this article at the Centre … Continue reading

The Krauss and Craig show

Full audio of interviews conducted in Melbourne with Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig. Links to the transcripts are below each audio file.   Transcript can be found here. Transcript can be found here. … Continue reading

Just whinging?

Capitalism thrives on discontent. So does politics. But don’t believe the lies. Disposable income in Australia goes up and up and up and it has done so for the last 100 years or so. We are the rich. See here. … Continue reading

Atheist wisdom

Here’s a very helpful, short and honest reflection from an active atheist who enjoys attending Christian Union camps. He talks about the conversation that Christians and atheists ought to have and he gives a bit of advice to Christians. Good … Continue reading

Rules of life for those who will live forever

Recently, via a sermon I came across some reflections on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, along with some rules of life for those who know they will live forever. Worth printing and meditating upon in a quiet time or … Continue reading

And talking of bad arguments…more Krauss

There’s more on the arguments and mis-arguments of the infamous Lawrence Krauss from ABC Religion and Ethics here. … Continue reading


For the Christian, ‘love God with all your mind,’ should mean using it to think clearly. This little book is an entertaining free online guide to bad arguments. And if you’re hungry for more on logic and argument, try here. … Continue reading

Mixing foreign aid motives won’t do any harm

The foreign aid budget is in the news as the Aussie election looms. There are good reasons for foreign aid and there are reasons of self-interest, but they’re reasons all the same. This article outlines some of those reasons as … Continue reading

Striving for the common good

In the old old days (e.g. of Plato’s Republic) there was little talk of individual ethics except as it connected with the good of society. Christianity too has always been about community and the responsibility to serve, to protect, to … Continue reading

An open letter to a PM from an AB

Although the Aussie PM is not mentioned, this concise article by the new Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, neatly nails the problems of biblical interpretation that the PM, Kevin Rudd, demonstrated on Q&A this week. Slavery, shellfish and sexual ethics … Continue reading

Godless greens?

This long article at ABC Religion and Ethics offers some insight into the accusations and counter-claims about whether the Greens are a ‘Godless’ party. I haven’t read it all and won’t comment on its worth. For your pre-election perusal (if … Continue reading