Verbatim: GK Chesterton on rationality and miracles

“Somehow or other an extraordinary idea has arisen that the disbelievers in miracles consider them coldly and fairly, while believers in miracles accept them only in connection with some dogma. The fact is quite the other way. The believers in … Continue reading

Something isn’t nothing

If you aren’t bored with hearing how ‘nothing’ just isn’t what it used to (not) be, Edward Feser has another post here on Lawrence Krauss’s book A Universe from Nothing. It’s another bit of clear thinking highlighting the lack of … Continue reading

Politically correct deafening silence

Quote: “80 per cent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians. Statistically speaking, that makes Christians by far the most persecuted religious body on the planet. … an average of 100,000 Christians have … Continue reading

Why should Christians study philosophy?

A friend of mine likes to say that philosophy and apologetics are just jazzy words for thinking clearly. I agree. This article talks about why Christians (not all necessarily) should study philosophy (not formally necessarily). … Continue reading

More atheist gripes about new atheists

Here are two pieces by (more) atheists who are not happy with the Dawkinsian brand of atheism. One of them is called “Not in our name: Dawkins dresses up bigotry as non-belief” and says that Dawkins cannot be left to … Continue reading

Science, human values and versions of history

They say an extraterrestrial race once landed on earth. Their language was impossible to understand and they were exceedingly intelligent. In fact some of them remained amongst us. Today we call them Hungarians. Leo Szilard is one of many brilliant … Continue reading