Climate denial is a disorder?

Yesterday I had the ‘privilege’ of being cited by Andrew Bolt, a conservative and provocative columnist here in Melbourne. I don’t always disagree with him but his style is inflammatory. Bolt took offence at me using the word ‘disorder’ when … Continue reading

Transhumanism: this is your future

If you don’t know what the transhumanism movement is about then it’s time to learn. Here’s some maths: currently, every year human technology lengthens the average human lifespan. So what happens when technological progress gets to the point that every … Continue reading

People with disability and euthanasia

This short piece highlights the problems of the euthanasia debate. Even if we believe in some sort of ‘allowing people to die’ gracefully when they are in very difficult circumstances, the reality of the utilitarian, economic calculus means that a … Continue reading

Truth, love and Volf

Miroslav Volf is coming to Aus. next year. I know little about him except that he is a prominent and radical Christian thinker and theologian. But I did find this review by Mark Durie of Volf’s book Allah interesting. In … Continue reading

Perhaps marriage isn’t for you?

Good advice from a dad: marriage isn’t for you. So he got married anyway. Here. … Continue reading

The horrors and triumphs of Australian history

A friend writes from the Northern Territory where she works as a lawyer with the Northern Land Council: “Alan Griffiths is an absolutely amazing guy and one of the traditional owners in my region, the magnificent VRD (Victoria River District). … Continue reading