More on the moral confusion of our time

In the light of questions about fueling hospital heating, Archbishop Cranmer provocatively questions the confusion about the status of human foetuses. Here. … Continue reading

Science and faith integrated in the life of a medical specialist

Here’s a very thoughtful article by a top ranking scientist/medical specialist and President of ISCAST on the way science and faith are both central to his vocation. Highly recommended, especially for science/technology types who are also believers or who doubt … Continue reading

Gravity waves and the meaning of life

If you haven’t caught the news, it appears that we have detected the elusive gravity waves that reveal something of the first instants of the big bang. Google it… So what? you may ask, as does this commentator. … Continue reading

I am not defined by my desires

“I am a woman who desires men,” starts this article on the danger of confusing identity and desire. … Continue reading

Bono: Jesus is the Messiah, son of God, who rose physically from the dead

Here. … Continue reading

Sharia law for some in Britain?

Interesting… how far does a ‘Christian’ country go to accommodate groups of other faiths and none? When multiculturalism reaches the level of laws it seems that chaos might be the outcome. … Continue reading

Therapy or Brave New World?

Mitochondrial transfer which results in ‘three parent embryos’ is touted as a way to eliminate some genetic diseases at the embryo stage. But is this simply therapeutic or is it a case of eugenics and a path on the road … Continue reading

Human dignity and rights: but why?

Notions of human rights and dignity are central to global discourse about justice, war crimes, international development as well as to feminist dialogue, racial dialogue, etc. But lurking under the surface is an abyss. This article explores the issue. Quote: … Continue reading