Genes, evolution and God

Here’s an intro to genetics and a Christian scientist’s response to the evidence for evolution. … Continue reading

The Church is wrong?

This article is about a new book, which says the Christian church is wrong about human sexuality. The article is interesting for two reasons: firstly because of the issues and arguments around sexuality; secondly because it highlights the place of … Continue reading

New Atheism: long past its use-by

Most things have their use-by date and for the New Atheism it came and went in a rush while we were watching Tony win an election and the Middle East lurch into its next abyss; like milk, the New Atheism … Continue reading

Child Euthanasia: The Relentless Logic of “Dying with Dignity”

Changes recently to legalise child euthanasia in Belgium; discussed here by Denise Cooper-Clarke. … Continue reading

Challenging the evangelical norms

How did Elvis and a 17-year-old girl change the way Christians worship God? These two articles are from a book called Why men hate going to church, and they both challenge core elements of evangelical Christian culture—be warned! This one … Continue reading

Population facts and myths

Arguments based on the threat of overpopulation have been used for many purposes including sterilization, mass distribution of contraceptives and, most recently, playing a part in climate change discussions.  But there are good reasons for thinking that overpopulation is not … Continue reading

Where angels fear to tread

Mark Durie from Melbourne tends to go where most people fear to tread. He challenges political correctness and safety again in this analysis of ex-UK PM Tony Blair’s recent comments on Islam. It’s worth a read although it will take … Continue reading

Death before the fall

How Christians make sense of the first chapters of Genesis in the light of modern science is a vexed question. Here’s a book review of one person’s answer. The review is worth reading for a number of reasons: it offers … Continue reading

Science and climate science: understanding the nature of the beast

In this speech, Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb, speaks of the nature of science and why climate change is an example where we need to act on faith… Now before you crucify me, it’s true that that’s not the word … Continue reading

What we owe to the new atheists

Edward Feser (philosopher) gives a talk on the subject: listen or read the transcript here. Feser agrees with Cardinal George Pell who said that: “the New Atheists had actually done the Church a service, because they were forcing us to … Continue reading

More thoughts on social media: the RSVP

Light grist: Here. … Continue reading

Poor little rich kids

It’s counter-intuitive but money and education is not buying them peace. Article here. Excerpt here: The bottom line: across geographical areas and public and private schools, upper-middle-class youngsters show alarmingly high rates of serious disturbance. The high rate of maladjustment … Continue reading