“The business card is not who you are…”

Mark Scott runs the ABC. And he’s an unapologetic Christian. This article/interview at Eternity offers an insight into how he integrates his faith and a job where he exercises enormous power. … Continue reading

Big bangs and the multiverse: science or pseudoscience?

This article is an interesting intro to cosmology and also to philosophy of science. If the multiverse theory of the origin of our, and other, universes is ultimately untestable, is it science? Quote: “The inflationary paradigm is fundamentally untestable and … Continue reading

Doing the right thing for the wrong reason…

…is the highest form of treason, said TS Eliot. (And doubly so because of the pun!) The European right rejects Christian convictions but wants Europe to be Christian. The article is here and here’s a smidgen: The European right is … Continue reading

One for the boys

Here’s one for the ‘boys’, sent in by a Grist reader. Read, learn, mark, inwardly digest, spit out the dross, and if the cap fits, wear it. And if you are prone to be reactive about such things, perhaps recognise … Continue reading