Another appalling indictment of Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers

Here’s another sad, sad story told by an expert about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. Our policies are likened to torture: designed to induce dreadful suffering. … Continue reading

John Stackhouse last night on Q&A—God, politics and Islam

Quote #1 JOHN STACKHOUSE: As a Christian myself, I think that the idea that Christians run the country, well, we’ve had a chance to do that a number of times over the last 2,000 years and the record is pretty … Continue reading

We humans are not just a blank slate, but science can’t unearth the mystery

Steven Pinker’s 2002 book The Blank Slate: The modern denial of human nature was enormously popular and acclaimed. Why is it important? It’s important for the sake of humanity to preserve the view that there are some values and practices … Continue reading

Exterminating the Nasara

If you don’t know about ISIS and the sad tale of the destruction of some of the world’s oldest Christian communities, you should. Here. … Continue reading