Atheist gripes about atheists

This short piece by an atheist complains of the new breed of atheist that finds his/her identity bound up with not-believing rather than in positive (but non-theist) belief. Quote: “Today’s atheism-as-identity is really about absolving oneself of the tough task of explaining what one is for, what one loves, what one has faith in, in favour of the far easier and fun pastime of saying what one is against and what one hates. An identity based on a nothing will inevitably be a quite hostile identity, sometimes viciously so, particularly towards opposite identities that are based on a something – in this case on a belief in God. There is a very thin line between being a None and a nihilist; after all, if your whole identity is based on not believing in something, then why give a damn about anything?” The article is here. The title of the article makes me think of the quotation by Lawrence Krauss in the post below.

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