Blind faith in Hawk Eye

I reckon MASH is one of the best TV programs ever made. If you don’t know it, get it from a local video store and watch a few episodes. Hawk Eye is one of the stars. But that’s not what this note is about! This article talks about the Hawk-Eye electronic judging system used in tennis. It’s a great example of the danger of assuming that ‘science gives us the facts’ (while philosophy or religion or morality or whatever gives us ‘values’ or ‘opinions’ or ‘beliefs’ or…) In fact, as Michael Polanyi and others showed, science too is about human judgement calls. Spoiler alert: ‘Some estimates suggest that Hawk-Eye only gets it right in tennis 60% of the time.’
| Difficulty: Easy | Subjects: Science | Reading time: 5 min |

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