Blind faith?

Massimo Pigliucci is a prominent philosopher-type. In this article he criticises Gary Gutting’s defence of Catholic faith and in the process makes an extraordinary juxtaposition of assertions. Pigliucci says: “The fundamental truth(s) about human life: it seems to me that by far the most defensible answers here are that (a) life came from a process of physical and then biological evolution that had nothing whatsoever to do with supernatural forces; (b) life is not meant for anything, it just is (although we do construct meanings for our own existence); and (c) it should be lived in a way that is both moral and allows individuals to flourish in whatever way suits them best.” If you haven’t seen the problem, ask yourself how (a) and (b)—which assert a natural and meaningless universe—can possibly be compatible with the strong moral (=meaningful) claim in (c) that people “should live morally including leaving others to their own morality”. Not only is this blind assertion but it is a dog’s breakfast of contradiction.

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