But what if three people love each other?

imagesThe Dish is a prolific blog run by Andrew Sullivan, a self-described Christian who lives with his husband. This article (title above) cites a reader who suggests that changing the law to allow homosexual marriage opens the door to marriages of three or more people. What is extraordinary is that in answer, Andrew quotes what he calls an ‘excellent counterpoint’. And what reasons does this ‘excellent counterpoint’ give that show that there is a fundamental difference between arguments for homosexual marriage and arguments for poly-marriages? Poly-marriages won’t happen because it will be difficult  to legally manage the issue. That’s it. No moral reasons given at all. Whatever you think about homosexual marriage and the rights of polyamorists (and there might be good arguments for saying they are fundamentally different) the arguments will have to be more than ‘it would cause legislative headaches’. The writer asks, in the case of an incapacitated man with two wives, ‘who gets to decide if two wives disagree’ about treatment options? That’s an argument for all children to have one parent: who gets to decide if two parents disagree about Johnny’s welfare?
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