Challenging the evangelical norms

How did Elvis and a 17-year-old girl change the way Christians worship God? These two articles are from a book called Why men hate going to church, and they both challenge core elements of evangelical Christian culture—be warned! This one is about the change in worship style (from extolling to experiencing God) and this one questions the biblical warrant for the way a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’ is presented in evangelical culture. Both articles are good grist for the mill. Two weaknesses perhaps: I think the place of the pentecostal movement is left out in the short articles and I also think that the author identifies the emotions with an outward show of emotions. Working in Latin America for years we often heard that the British were cold. Wrong: the British are more reserved; they too have emotions (!) but choose not to gush quite so much. Anyway… none of this is meant to be an argument for one worship or cultural style or another; it’s just food for thought.


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  1. A follow up to this post and the book referred to… Elizabeth has also done a book review of the book in which she highlights some not so positive aspects of the book. She says:

    “I reviewed this book in the most recent ‘Equip’ (EA journal) – I affirmed aspects of his argument but was pretty scathing about his view of gender and lack.”

    Elizabeth’s review can be found here:

    And the copyright notice is: “Published in Equip (Quarterly of Evangelical Alliance Australia), Issue 20, March 2014, 12-14.”

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