French homosexuals rally against gay marriage

_65253867_i9ny8oe6Apparently there has been an interesting development in the opposition to gay marriage in France. When the debate moved to focus on children’s welfare the opposition increased tenfold (going by numbers of demonstrators). And yes, you read it correctly, some of the demonstrators against gay marriage are homosexual people. Their catch-cry is “the rights of children trump the right to children”. More here. Adjudicating and legislating for ‘rights’ in a pluralist society is fraught with perils! Meanwhile we have friends who are gay, ‘married’ in a ceremonial but non-legal sense, and they are excellent mothers to their two small boys—in fact far better parents than many kids are lumbered with. But individual cases make bad law; even in a secular country no longer acknowledging Christian norms, I can’t see how it makes sense to enact legislation that says that children’s interests are equally well served whether or not they are brought up by a mother and father. What a can of worms I’ve opened there!
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