If life has a meaning, it must be an objective meaning

Many people deny that life has one meaning, the same for all people, but still want to say that it has a subjective meaning; you have yours and I have mine and both are valid. But subjectivism about the meaning of life is a false and confused view according to Maverick Philosopher because “There is no real or nonverbal difference between ‘Human life is meaningless’ and ‘Human life has the meanings that agents give it.’ … If life has a meaning in the sense of ‘meaning’ relevant to the impersonal philosophical question about the meaning of life, then this meaning cannot be subjective. It must be objective in the sense of being the same for all and applicable to all.” Why? Read more here and then here if you are philosophically inclined.

|Difficulty: Light Philosophy |Tag: Meaning of Life | Time: 25 min |

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