Notice on Recruiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellows into Tongji University’s Marxist Theory Post-doctoral Research Program


The post-doctoral program of Marxist Theory at the School of Marxism welcomes Ph.D. holders from mainland China and beyond who have proven to be academically innovative with outstanding performance in research to apply for the post-doctoral research fellowship this program. Any potential applicants shall meet the following prerequisites:

1)Possessing good ideological and political quality and moral integrity; registering no track record of law violation and having shown serious commitment and conscientious conduct toward the research in the relevant field.

2)Having obtained the doctoral degree within the most recent three years and aged no more than 35 in the year of making the application.

3)Academically, the applicant is required to have published at least two quality research papers with the first or second authorship during the stint of Ph.D. studies; the applicant has already conducted or participated in at least one provincial-level research project in the capacity of principal investigator, and attended one national or international academic conference in the research field or in a relevant research field.

4)Satisfying other requirements for post-doctoral research fellows as stipulated by the state and the Post-doctoral Program Administration Office under the Ministry of Education of China.

5)The remuneration for the fellowship is highly competitive which is consummate with the admitted applicant’s research capacity. The university provides an ordinary post-doctoral research fellow with a pre-tax annual remuneration of 300,000 RMB; once having obtained the “Supportive Project for Innovative Post-doctoral Talent”, the fellow will get a pre-tax annual remuneration of 420,000 RMN;for the fellows who have obtained “Post-doctoral International Exchange Introduction Project” or “Shanghai Municipal Super-post-doctoral Project” will enjoy the pre-tax annual remuneration of 360,000 RMB.

6)The university will provide an apartment for the admitted post-doctoral research fellow; or subsidies for his/her accommodation.

7)Annually the university provides the admitted post-doctoral research fellow with one free physical examination; and convenience his/her children in entering kindergarten or primary school in accordance with the municipal specifications in this regard. For more relevant details, please link:

http: // (中国博士后科学基金会官网)

Applying Procedures:

1)The applicant shall submit his/her CV, the scanned copies of Ph.D. diploma and degree certificates, ID card or passport, representative research papers and other prize certificates or credentials;

2)The school’s Recruitment Panel will in due time collectively review the qualifications of the applicants and conduct face-to-face interviews with them before making the recruitment decision;

3)The admitted applicant shall come to the university’s Post-doctor Administration Office in person to accomplish the relevant registration procedures in line with the state’s and the municipal specifications concerned.

Correspondence for more information:

Contact person: Pan Jing(M.s)

Contact telephone: 0086-21-65983275

E-mail address:

Information about the academic supervisors for the applicants to partner with:

Professor Fang Liming;

Research areas:the history and construction of the CCP; the foundational issues concerning the modern and contemporary history of China; the issues concerning the sinicizing of Marxism;


Professor Wang Ping

Research areas: overseas Marxism;the philosophy of Marxism; foreign philosophy; contemporary political philosophy; contemporary currents of social thought;

Professor Wang Peng

Research areas:scientific socialism; the former USSR; studies on Russian politics and economy; studies on Sino-Russia relation;

Professor Wang Bin

Research areas: ideological and political education; methodology of Marxism research; innovative thinking and methods; the Sinicizing of Marxism;

Professor Lv Jian

Research areas: the Sinicizing of Marxism; Socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics;

Professor Liu Yong

Research areas:Marxist theories on world history; the community of shared fate for mankind; globalization and global governance; geopolitical factors and “One Belt One Road Initiative”; socialism with Chinese characteristics;

Professor Du Huanzheng

Research areas:the industry of cycled use of resources; cycled economy and regional economy; ecological civilization and sustainable development;

Professor Li Chunmin

Research areas:Marxist philosophy; contemporary Marxism abroad; contemporary space philosophy;

Professor Li Zhen

Research areas:philosophical critique of contemporary Western crisis; research on classical texts;

Professor Yang Xiaoyong

Research areas:Marxist political economics; theory and practice of socialist market economy;

Professor Chen Dawen

Research areas:ideology, morality and rule of law; moral and rule of law education;

Professor Xu Rong

Research areas:value construction; value education; theory and practice of ideological and political education;

Professor Guo Qiang

Research areas: knowledge action-ism; social development-ism;

Professor Gong Xiaoying

Research areas: Marxist political economics; the Sinicizing of Marxism; socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics;

Professor Xue Nianwen

Research areas:ideological and political education; the Sinicizing of Marxism; history of the CCP;