Much ado about nothing

If you missed last night’s ABC QANDA then you didn’t miss much. But there are some little gems I suggest you watch. At the QANDA site you can watch selected parts of the program using the sidebar on the right. My suggestion: watch the first 5 mins or so on ethics and science. And then watch the two sections on the idea of a universe from nothing. In the first 5 mins listen for how physicist Lawrence Krauss defends science as being intrinsically ethical (in its commitment to truth) but doesn’t say where science derives that ethic from. In the second section you’ll hear the problem of a scientist trying to move into the realm of philosophy and finding himself out of his depth. You’ll also hear a reasonable response from John Dickson (Centre for Public Christianity); remarkably he was given the time to expound on the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. I think he just ploughed on and gave Tony Jones no room to interrupt.
|Difficulty: Easy |Tag: Science & Faith | Time: 8 min |

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