Nature, nurture and naked attraction

Why is it that the sexuality debates are so polarised that we can’t acknowledge the apparently obvious fact that the strength and direction of our sexual interests is driven by both nature and nurture? Surely our genetic makeup, as well as our familial background, the accidents of who we mix with, and our own habits of thinking all play significant parts? And surely no one of these has to be the ‘deal breaker’ in every case? But of course the politics of homosexuality is driven by the naturalist fallacy: the idea that what is natural is morally good. On that basis, if one can prove that homosexuality is or is not natural (genetically determined) then one has implicitly shown that homosexuality is or is not morally good. Social power games fueled by shoddy thinking! That monologue was ignited by this article about ‘ex-gays’, which is remarkable for being published in the New York Times.
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