New Atheism: long past its use-by

Most things have their use-by date and for the New Atheism it came and went in a rush while we were watching Tony win an election and the Middle East lurch into its next abyss; like milk, the New Atheism soured all the more rapidly in the heat it generated. Some suspected it wasn’t here to last and of course McGrath wrote a book about it ten years ago (he writes a book about everything) before we even knew it was New. (The use-by date of Christianity has been predicted too, through the centuries, but, in the famous words of the advisor to some distant French king who longed to free his dominion of Christians, “the church of God is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.”) Well anyway, here’s another atheist tired of the new variety. And yes, admitting perhaps, that what gets in the way of serious Christian faith is not, in the end, the serious (or not so serious) argument, but materialism and apathy. Although he doesn’t quite put it that way.

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