New Atheism RIP?

The so called New Atheism has always seemed more like a tantrum than a mature discussion, a screaming match rather than a reasoned argument. This article suggests the tantrum is over and atheism is moving on. While the article is not profound, it may indicate a growing media mood about Professor Dawkins and Co. Quote: “The success of five or six atheist authors, on both sides of the Atlantic, seemed to herald a strong new movement. It seemed that non-believers were tired of all the nuance surrounding religion, hungry for a tidy narrative that put them neatly in the right. Atheism is still with us. But the movement that threatened to form has petered out. Crucially, atheism’s younger advocates are reluctant to compete for the role of Dawkins’s disciple. They are more likely to bemoan the new atheist approach and call for large injections of nuance.”

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