Poor little rich kids

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 6.42.22 pmIt’s counter-intuitive but money and education is not buying them peace. Article here. Excerpt here:

The bottom line: across geographical areas and public and private schools, upper-middle-class youngsters show alarmingly high rates of serious disturbance.

The high rate of maladjustment among affluent adolescents is strikingly counterintuitive. There is a tacit assumption that education and money procure well-being, and that if children falter, they will swiftly get the appropriate services. Education and money may once have served as buffers against distress but that is no longer the case. Something fundamental has changed: evidence suggests the privileged young are much more vulnerable today than in previous generations.

The evidence all points to one cause: pressure for high-octane achievement. The children of affluent parents expect to excel at school, in multiple extracurricular activities and also in their social lives. They feel a relentless sense of pressure that plays out in excessive substance use, and in crippling anxiety and depression about anticipated or perceived “failures”.

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