Reality is flat? A short intro to an evil doctrine

If reductionism is right then evil is a meaningless word. If reductionism is wrong then it is an evil doctrine because it leads people to believe that evil is meaningless (and so too is everything else.) Does it matter? Yes! Because reductionism is rife and is one of the most popular doctrines of our time. Reductionism says humans are deluded animals, no more. Reductionism says there is no God. This article outlines reductionism briefly and also talks of emergentism, the idea that higher levels of being arise from lower ones and the higher levels can’t be reduced to the sum of the lower ones. While the article mostly bypasses the God question it is a good introduction to the intellectual water that we swim in.
|Difficulty: Medium |Tag: Secularism … Philosophy | Time: 10 min |

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