Science is as science does

Here are links to two articles that challenge the received view of science which dominates current thinking. IMHO both articles overstate the case but are worth reading because the received view is so powerful and because of its power it tends to leave all other ways to truth (like theology for one) in its shadow. This article, by an editor of the prestigious Nature magazine, compares science to religion. Quote (although I think an overstatement and generalisation): “those who are scientists cling to the mantle of a kind of religious authority. And as anyone who has tried to comment on religion has discovered, there is no such thing as criticism. There is only blasphemy.” I think that the ‘religious’ belief in science arises less from actual scientists and more from the populace (particularly endorsed by the new atheist movement). Meanwhile, this one, by a practising scientist, talks about how scientific theories are just that—theories. Quote: “What the data shows is that scientists can be biased, and that most scientific theories, in the end, are thrown on the garbage heap.”

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