Singerian logic

Many people admire Peter Singer’s consistent and easy to follow utilitarian ethics. Add to that his clear communication style and a commitment to helping those in need and you see why he is a very popular and public philosopher. But many are not aware of where his brand of philosophy leads. Clive Hamilton spells out the disconcerting truth here. The same norms that lead to charitable giving also lead to justifying infanticide and bestiality. Peter Singer might have the courage of his convictions, but if that leads to consequences that appall us then perhaps it’s a call to reexamine one’s moral framework. Utilitarian morality simply doesn’t give answers that are intuitively acceptable. Is that a problem with our moral intuitions (as Singer would claim) or does it mean we ought to question the assumptions of utilitarianism? In Fagan’s words, perhaps he’d better think it out again.
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