Mind reading or brain imaging?

There’s hype at both ends of the spectrum about what exactly neuroscience can give us. We can now scan active brains and see where more or less activity occurs when people think about A or B or, yes, S too. … Continue reading

Zombies, evolution and naturalism

David Chalmers is a world-leading Australian philosopher in the area of consciousness. Here’s a video where he says that consciousness is unnecessary from an evolutionary perspective. A naturalistic view says that everything about life ought to be explainable on evolutionary … Continue reading

Is cognitive science neurotrash? Yes says Tallis

Raymond Tallis is one prominent critic of what he sees as overblown claims and hopes arising from the burst of cognitive science (or is that scientism?) that has come in the wake of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). See Neurotrash. … Continue reading