Hegelian wisdom

The great (they say) and hard to understand (I don’t) and not gifted with good looks (IMHO) philosopher Hegel said, “It is a celebrated saying that a half philosophy leads away from God, while a true philosophy leads to God.” … Continue reading

Mary and the zombies

Are we more than our bodies? Two famous philosophical thought experiments purport to show that consciousness is more than the sum of biochemical and neuronal activity in our brains and bodies. Consciousness is definitely one of the ‘hard questions’ for … Continue reading

For the philosophically inclined

You don’t have to be a philosopher to get the gist of this short blog post but you do have to work hard for a few minutes. It’s about the relationship between reality (what is—aka ontology) and how we know … Continue reading

Reality is flat? A short intro to an evil doctrine

If reductionism is right then evil is a meaningless word. If reductionism is wrong then it is an evil doctrine because it leads people to believe that evil is meaningless (and so too is everything else.) Does it matter? Yes! … Continue reading

Zombies, evolution and naturalism

David Chalmers is a world-leading Australian philosopher in the area of consciousness. Here’s a video where he says that consciousness is unnecessary from an evolutionary perspective. A naturalistic view says that everything about life ought to be explainable on evolutionary … Continue reading