Much ado about nothing

If you missed last night’s ABC QANDA then you didn’t miss much. But there are some little gems I suggest you watch. At the QANDA site you can watch selected parts of the program using the sidebar on the right. … Continue reading

Verbatim – John Lennox, mathematician and apologist, on rationality

“If the atheists are right, the mind that does science … is the end product of a mindless unguided process. Now, if you knew your computer was the product of a mindless unguided process, you wouldn’t trust it. So, to … Continue reading

Science, faith and where the conflict really lies

For the slightly philosophically inclined miller of grist, this is an excellent review of Alvin Plantinga’s Where the conflict really lies. It’s in the New York Review of Books and it’s excellent because it is written by a top philosopher … Continue reading

Physicist makes nothing out of something!

Lawrence Krauss is popular in New Atheist circles. He’s a cosmologist who recently published A Universe From Nothing in which he claims that the universe came into being from ‘nothing’. The trouble is, he redefines ‘nothing’ so it is what … Continue reading

Why (new) atheists are wrong about science and religion

This interview at Eureka Street Online talks about the differences between science and religion and why there is no fundamental conflict between the two. This flies in the face of the agenda of the so-called New Atheists, which says that … Continue reading