But what if three people love each other?

The Dish is a prolific blog run by Andrew Sullivan, a self-described Christian who lives with his husband. This article (title above) cites a reader who suggests that changing the law to allow homosexual marriage opens the door to marriages … Continue reading

Royal Commissions don’t deal with the human condition

Perhaps it’s the Royal Commission that we had to have. Perhaps, and I hope so, it will provide some measure of healing to the thousands of people abused as children. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says, “We must do everything we … Continue reading

Nature, nurture and naked attraction

Why is it that the sexuality debates are so polarised that we can’t acknowledge the apparently obvious fact that the strength and direction of our sexual interests is driven by both nature and nurture? Surely our genetic makeup, as well … Continue reading

Why woman are losing at sex

This article talks of the changes in the last decades that have led to women being the big ‘losers’  in the sexual marketplace. | Difficulty: Easy| Tag: Sexuality| Time: 4 min | … Continue reading