The Church is wrong?

This article is about a new book, which says the Christian church is wrong about human sexuality. The article is interesting for two reasons: firstly because of the issues and arguments around sexuality; secondly because it highlights the place of tradition in the Christian faith. Much comment could be made but time is short. Perhaps one thing, for what it’s worth: I think Christians (no, anyone, actually) should be very wary about opinionating about any issue unless they have first identified/understood/listened with love to those they disagree with. Otherwise their answers are cheapened by lack of empathy. (I’m thinking of glib Bible-quoters who, without empathy, seem to enjoy condemning people to hell, damning homosexuals, telling single people what a blessing singleness is, telling bereaved people that all is well, etc.) So if Christians are going to say that homosexual practice is not God’s best for his people, let them say it having listened and (slightly) understood what it is to be homosexually oriented.

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