The growing reach of evangelical philosophy

“Frankly, I find it hard to understand how people today can risk parenthood without having studied apologetics. We’ve got to train our kids for war.” Says one slightly over-enthusiastic apologist! I confess that is a statement I do not agree with. But surely it’s vital for Christians to think clearly about the connections between faith and reason and atheism and science? It seems too many people buy into the politically correct myth of a fundamental conflict between science/reason and faith. This longish article at The Chronicle of Higher Education talks mostly about probably the most well-known apologist-philosopher, William Lane Craig. (Let me know if it disappears behind a paywall.) It’s also a potted history of the fall and rise of philosophy amongst Protestants. (Catholics have always ‘believed’ in philosophy.) To quote Lane Craig, who sees the university as the key to serious Christian engagement with the secular world: “In order to change the university, we must do scholarly apologetics. In order to do scholarly apologetics, we must earn doctorates. It’s that simple.” Meanwhile William Lane Craig will debate Lawrence Krauss (physicist, new atheist) in Australia in August. See here for details.

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