The myth of work-life balance

Okay: it depends on what you understand by work-life balance. But if that’s Newspeak for having your cake and eating it too then it’s time to get real. It’s simple maths: average mum and dad have time and emotional energy enough to do two full time jobs between them. Kids, especially young ones, are one full time job. 1 + 1 never made 3. Sure some tweaking is possible, especially if you have committed extended family. Money helps too but you can’t buy love. And you can’t buy time in the car to and from school when the important ‘no eye contact’ conversations spontaneously happen. Without implying that it has to be mum who does the most important job in the world (being there for the kids), this article is a provocative call to attention from a high flying woman who realised she’d been duped. Just read the first paragraphs or read the lot.
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