The New Intolerance

Tolerance just ain’t what it used to be. This essay at Standpoint magazine by Melanie Phillips ranges back into western history to challenge the politically correct fundamentalist religions of our day. Here’s a taste: “Scientism, materialism, environmentalism and all the other secular ideologies claim to be based on unchallengeable truths. In fact, they all manipulate, twist and distort the evidence to support and “prove” their governing idea. False beliefs are thus presented as axiomatically true. Moreover, because they proclaim the exclusive truth they have to maintain at all costs the integrity of the lie. So all dissent has to be resisted through coercive means. Knowledge is thus forced to give way to power. Reason is replaced by bullying, intimidation and the suppression of debate.”
|Difficulty: Medium |Tag: Culture | Time: 15 min |

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