The state of the world—from an intelligence perspective

STRATFOR is an ‘independent’ intelligence organisation (that’s CIA type of intelligence) which publishes reports on politics, terrorism, wars etc. All from a distinctly US perspective. I don’t subscribe but I read their free emails! This report is a short history of how we have come to the geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves today. A taste of its flavour: “On Dec. 25, 1991, an epoch ended. On that day the Soviet Union collapsed, and for the first time in almost 500 years no European power was a global power.” The report talks of the collapse of the European vision of unity and the challenges that come with upheaval in Europe, in China and in the Persian Gulf. [As always, the usual disclaimer: ‘interesting’ does not mean endorsement. Note the scare quotes on ‘independent’ above. Food for thought only.]
| Difficulty: Medium | Tag: Global Issues | Time: 8 min |

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