Verbatim: Tim Winton

Tim Winton is one of Australia’s serious authors. In this interview at the Centre for Public Christianity he talks about his book Eyrie. Including:

Probably the most disheartening outcome of the booms that we’ve lived through and the prosperity that many of us are experiencing is that it’s brought about some kind of moral idiocy where we’ve got this sort of tunnel vision; we’re all looking at one thing and it’s almost as though we are in some game show and we don’t realise that we could step off the set at anytime and get on with a whole lot of other things in real life. So I think it’s the kind of smugness and narrowness and tone deafness that’s so appalling. You like to flatter yourself  that you’re kind of aware and conscious and righteous in your own way. It’s so easy to forget that there are people all around you whose lives you aren’t noticing, who aren’t getting the benefits of the boom, who aren’t at the forefront of the prosperity that our culture is talking about all the time and obsessed with.

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